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Mentor Students

We are thrilled to announce that the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) website now features a private group called Latino Alumni Mentoring.

This will be a new online community of Stanford Latino Alumni who are making themselves available to Stanford Latino students for a variety of leadership and career advice activities. Our goal is to connect Latino students and alumni using existing university programs in an easy, accessible, tangible, visible, and manageable way.

How to get started

Here's a high level overview:
•    Creating your profile is fast and easy - SAM will pull key information from your LinkedIn profile.
•    You will have the ability to decide when and how you are visible to students.
•    Connections happen through the SAM platform (just like they do in LinkedIn or Facebook).

The student/alumni connection

You will have the option to choose three ways to work with students:

  1. Contributing to an open forum where students anonymously post questions alumni can answer.
  2. A "flash meeting", which can be anything from an introduction to see if a pair is compatible, to a way to provide timely spot advice.
  3. A longer term structure, where the platform helps you set up goals/objectives, reminders and scheduling.

Even if you are already signed up on the SAM platform, please make sure to go to the "Groups" menu and join the Latino Alumni Mentoring Group - this step is necessary to connect you to Latino students and track success.

This is our second new and exciting effort to create connections between students and alumni, the Latino Alumni Community Book being the first.

Join us in supporting current Stanford Latino students by signing up for the Stanford Latino Alumni Mentoring Group!